Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Blog Entry

Okay so we are a little behind the times and are finally making our own blog. The motivation for it being that we are having our third baby tomorrow and would love to have a simple way to share photos. Hope all our family and friends will visit often. I am not a facebooker, sorry. So if we can figure this out, we will hopefully have pictures posted over the next few days of our new addition (did I mention final addition).


Jake, Ellee, Stephen, Hunter, Myah, and baby girl


  1. I commend you on not being a facebooker^_^... more power to ya^_^.

    We are excited for your little one to be welcomed into your lives "tomorrow!!!"

    Definitely post pictures, and we are wishing you much love and support Ellee on your third precious one!... mother of three!

  2. YAY!!! way to go guys:D I'm sooo excited for you all, tomorrow is a big day!!! Keep me posted and let me know when you up for visitors. I will prayer for a safe delivery and a speed recovery. My kids are excited to have Hunter and Myah over to play!!
    love ya Ellee

  3. Just heard yesterday that you moved to Boise. What a surprise. Congrats to family and yu new little angel Ava..what a blessing a healthy little girl is..